Can't find this IC 362J38

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Re the circuit,
The board looks terrible,
I would not pass that soldering if I was receiving the board,
just about every joint either looks dry or cracked, due to to fast cooling I guess.

As for the chip you highlight, it itself looks like its the wrong one for the footprint.

I see your also posting in other forums, let us know if you get an answer please,

what your fighting is top markings,
once upon a time chips had numbers on that was the chip number ,
but as chips get smaller, there is less room,
so chip houses started putting a number, that is just a unique number,
and then you have to go to the manufacturer to find out what the chip is !

Now various on line resources exit I know to reverse search, mainly in Chinese, and the others you have to subscribe to ,

good luck

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Yes, the soldering is rough, either cheap solder or as you said, cooled quickly. They knock these cheapos out for a few dollars, so I guess it should be expected to see this type of 'quality'. The IC is in its original position. This SMPS did work for about 7 months. I replaced a fuse and a mosfet and it started working but then I accidentally shorted the output. Nothing obvious, all seemed to check out ok but not able to check the 2 IC's. It was suggested to me by 2 other more experienced techs, that there was a strong probability it was an IC failure. I did replace the secondary side IC but it's still not working so my 'guess' is it must be the IC on the hot side. I reached out to the manufacturer 2 months ago but no reply. I tried Alibaba as well. Possibly a proprietary component to make it impossible to repair. Cheap enough to replace the unit but I took this on simply as a challenge. Thank you for your informative response.