Can't find parts for a wireless high-temperature system

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Can't find parts for a wireless high-temperature system.
I am about to make high-temperature system (coffee machine) and all the Bluetooth module and microprocessors operation temperatures are around 105 C and I am looking for something around 130 C - 140 C.
If anyone has an idea or experience with a similar issue I'll be happy to hear from you.


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Why do your electronic components have to be exposed to those temperatures? Welders, for example, can use microcontrollers, but the electronic components are not exposed to the welding temperature.

Can you post a diagram that shows how your design is different?


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It is unlikely that you will find Bluetooth modules designed to work reliability in that temperature range.125° C is the top end of the military component temperature range. You can probably find a few discreet parts made of Silicon Carbide that can handle 150° but I doubt that you will find anything close to a Bluetooth module.