Can't figure out how to wire HPS light ballast.

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    Apr 10, 2018
    I ordered this light ballast expecting some kind of instructions for wiring but there was nothing else in the box besides the big metal coil (I think this is a transformer), a capacitor, and an ignitor. There is a wiring (circuit) diagram on the transformer that I can't really understand but I'm sure if I have like 5 extra bulbs I might be able to fiddle with the wiring until I get it to work but, in this case, I only have one bulb so I can't do anything until I have wires right.

    I know that I will screw up on this at least the first time. From videos I watched on youtube I think the purple, tan, and black (277v) wires are not used and just need to be put off to the side. The rest are color coded so it seems easy enough but since I have never seen this wired correctly before I can't be sure that I'm going to do it right.



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    Jul 29, 2017
    It looks confusing but everything is there for you;
    Assuming your using the 120 Volt winding the primary side of the transformer is Orange, (Connect to the Hot or Black wire) and White for Neutral. On the Secondary side you will see two Black/White wires they go to your capacitor, next there is a blue wire on the secondary it goes to the X3 terminal on the ignitor, (Assuming X3 is Blue too but check), next there is a Red wire from the secondary it goes to X1 on the ignitor which I assume is Red, and finally the extra White Neutral wire on the Primary goes to the White X2 terminal on the ignitor. The lamp connects to X1 and X2 on the ignitor.
    They also want the transformer frame, metallic ignitors and capacitors to be grounded.
    Run a ground to the transformer frame and get a clamp for the ignitor if your lamp housing doesn't have one, and ground the ignitor case. The cap is plastic so your good there.
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    Apr 10, 2018
    I think I wired it right but still not sure... Another problem is It didn't come with a lamp fixture so I cant look at it all the way done. I'm guessing that I need to hook one white from the "primary" and then one from the igniter to the lamp fixture and then the remaining white and red on the primary connect to the wall.

    so the lamp actually connects to the wires that are already connected to each other?
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    The white should also be connected to the igniter:

    HID balast 20180411_195243 .png

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