cant connect to dsl after resetting my router

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After I resetted my router yesterday I cant connect to dsl . It worked fine before I did the reset which I regret really bad . The LED should always be on to show that theres dsl but its just keeps blinking since yesterday morning .I called my Internet provider and they can fix it with in two days . But the problem I guess is coming from my router which a modem at the same time since I am sure that I am using fritz box 7412 I entered the username ad password provided by my isp correctly but the main problem is the dsl led that keeps on blinking I tried power cycling the router dozens of times with no sucess also resetting the fritz box to factory settings . I am pretty sure that the cabling is correct Maybe these pictures can help apologies that it is in german but maybe you can use google translate
I am very confused because it should work


hi, when you've re-set your adsl modem you've probably lost your dsl config which is specific for every isp. best to wait for the isp team to save you from further worries. once they have it fixed, make sure you get config data from them for future recovery, should you re-set your device again.