Can you define the concept of Spurious in electronics.

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Can you define the concept of Spurious in electronics, And how it will impact in Designe......What are the things to be taken care while designing in circuit and PCB.


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I would say that spurious usually means occasionaly and randomly happening, but as shortbus said it may change with the context it is used in.


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Spurious in electronics is a very general term and typically refers to spurious signals, or any signal that is not desired or wanted.
Good worst-case design, simulation, and breadboarding of the circuit, along with good decoupling and PCB layout (using power and ground planes, short connections, keeping output signals away from the inputs, isolating sensitive signal points, etc.) can minimize such occurrences in the completed circuit.


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Soldering with a tip that is too hot can cause cause the core of the solder to explode and contaminate your PCB with spurious micro-beads of solder.

An RF amplifier is usually shielded to avoid spurious signals near the device contaminating the intended input and getting amplified and muddling the output.