Can Induction Charging Coils Directly Contact Each Other?

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I have a cheap set of induction charging coils from Adafruit.
I'm curious about a couple of things.

First, will the circuit go haywire if the copper coils directly contact each other? (metal to metal)

Second, does the orientation of the coils matter significantly? To be more specific, will flipping one coil like a pancake result in a noticeable performance difference?

Thanks, let me know if I can be more specific!

Marc Sugrue

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They could affect each other through mutual inductance but obviously the depends on the strength of the field and the sensitivity of the circuit. Rotating the devices will change the magnetic fields so will have an influence, the question is whether or not it’s significant.


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The coils are not bare metal.
The coils appear to be made of enamel coated magnet wire.
Although they do state,
"... Any non-ferrous/non-conductive material (eg air, wood, leather, plastic, paper, glass) can be used between the two coils ..."
You do not want to continuously scratch off the enamel coating.

Flipping either coil "like pancake" will make no difference.
Align the coils co-axially, coils flat (one coil over the other) and centered, for best results.
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