Can I use blue ceramic capi or in place of brown?

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I have two capicitors I can use but don’t know which one I should m. Original is brown ceramic. Can I use blue? Also have a yellow one.E85C557C-AB34-48B8-A881-4A5AB921413C.jpeg


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What are they being used for? That will determine if you can use something other than the original ceramic.

The middle one is 560 pF, the right one if 56 pF. The left one, as others have noted, could be either 56 pF or 560 pF.

I'm pretty sure the right one is a ceramic and my guess is that the middle one is, too. If so, that would argue for the left one being 560 pF (based on size).

While I could be wrong, I'm not aware of the color of the capacitor having any reliable, standardized meaning.


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The middle one is just a high voltage ceramic (2kV), the right one is a monolithic ceramic, normally used for power supply bypass, timing caps etc, the left one is a common disc ceramic, probably 50V. Whether they are interchangeable depends on the use case, but in most cases you can get away with it, provided they have the same value.