Can i replace my fuse 2.5/250 with one with different view?

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Here i have one portable tv which needs 12v. About the gone fuse i cannot see what`s in it because of the used material. Can i use basic glass fuse?

Question 2 - the reason for failing is clear. Is it a good point to look exactly for failed elements types resistances or not?



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Generally you should use ceramic cased fuses for a mains input as the available energy from the mains is large enough to shatter a glass fuse. For a 12V input you could use either a glass or ceramic fuse of the same current rating. Also fuses come in different kinds - fast blow, anti-surge, etc. - and you should match the specified fuse kind as well as the current rating.

Very occasionally fuses fail for no obvious reason and simply replacing the fuse will fix the problem. More usually though something else has failed causing excess current to flow. In this case you must fix the fault otherwise the fuse will blow again.