Can anyone tell me why rtos were used in this project?


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Most likely that's what the person was familiar with. You change your programming style to match the RTOS so after a few projects it becomes a comfortable way to design software tasks.
What RTOS was used? The very definition of what is a RTOS is murky in the embedded world.


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The usual reason is so that the system will respond rapidly to any input interrupt signals, as provided by the blocks passing a sensor, so that the block is immediately removed from the conveyor belt.
This would be important if the processor was multitasking and off doing something else at the same time, (which is not likely in this example).


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The example did not portray a specific need to employ an RTOS. There may be other functions not shown that utilize it, but that’s a guess. I suggest that it is simply someone experimenting and showing off their handy work.