Calculate required capacitance and ESR required for a highly transient pusled load

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I am trying to determine the amount of output capacitance that is required by my power supply to ensure the transient response demands are met and controller stability is ensured.

I have designed a buck current-fed push-pull converter that generates a max output voltage of 6kV for a radar transmittter. But I am stuck at this point. I have designed an LC output filter to get the voltage ripple very low, but cannot find a reliable source that lets me know how to calculate the required capacitor bank value and combined ESR that ensure I stay within the maximum and minimum voltages of +/- 5V respectively. I have seen a document before that did this but I cannot seem to locate it anymore.

The current transitions from full load to 0A at rates anywhere from 100Hz to 100kHz at duty cycles of 50% and 1% respectively, as an example.

Does anyone know the correct procedure for calculating the C and ESR required to meet the transient demands.

Thanks in advance