CaF Calcium Florite Crystal Spinning in Elec. Mag Field

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ben sorenson

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Hello, I have built an device that produces resonating pulsating electro magnetic fields. One of the things that I have noticed is that when certain elements are near the device the objects move around a bit. The other day I had a Calcium Florite Crystal more or less spinning. I had noticed this a while back and asked some one what could cause this and they said that vibrations can cause things to move around a bit and that is what was most likely happening. But to me if something was moving due to vibrations, wouldn't the objects movement be more or less "random" kind of like bouncing all over the place? The CaF Crystal that is moving does not appear to be moving randomly, it looks like it has a specific rotation, either in one direction or the other... here is a CaF Crystal Spinning please let me know any thoughts about this.