Cables and connectors for sensors

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I want to wire the following sensors that i have connected to an Arduino UNO.
Accelerometer (MPU6050). 4 pins
SPO2 meter (MAX30102). 4 pins
2 LM35. 3 pins each.

Is it ok to use stereo 3.5mm audio jacks for the LM35s and stereo+microphone 3.5mm audio jacks (like the handsfree ones) for the MPU6050 and MAX30102?

I would like to use 1 meter long cables for each sensor.
What number of cable should i use for having the less amount of noise?

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Is it ok to use them? Yes.

Will they actually work? Probably.
The LM35s should work ok.
The MPU6050 and MAX are digital (I assume they are digital), they may or may not work. To make sure they work, you would want to use shielded cable. But even before you go to shielded cable, research what communication protocol they use and find out what the recommended communication distance for that protocol.


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... If there is a possibility of RF interference, you may want to insure that the shield is connected to the circuit or chassis ground. One example is where automotive anti-knock sensor cable shields are chassis grounded, due to spark plug spark interference.

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Thanks for replying.
For connectors it occurs to me that i could use DIN or DB.
Those could group some of the pins in one connector (DIN) or even all of them in a single one (DB).
I found a shielded cable "PROEL noisless microphone cable low capacity low impedance - (OFC) - Made in Italy -".
I'm using 1 meter long cables for reducing noise and not loosing too much signal strength.