Buying a power supply


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Hey guys and gals. I am looking getting a power supply for electronics and lab for school. I was thinking something along the lines of this:

Not this particular power supply but one with similar specs. I thought I would ask you fine people what power supply you would recommend?
How can we advise you if you have not described what you need, what your budget is, what your limitations are and what other options you are considering?


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Use tti ex354 triple 300W 5V5 Amp fixed 2 x 0-35V 4A. silent (no fan) very happy with it.
It really depends on what the OP plans to do with it.

I can count on no fingers the number of times I've ever needed a supply capable of providing 4A. Most of the time I use a Tektronix PS503A triple supply, 1A max. It's nothing fancy; it has current limit on 2 supplies with a tracking option, but no meters. Other times I use the power supply on one of my experimenters because it's convenient. Some of the supplies are quite simple, but they're just a means to get to my destination; not the destination.


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My favorite bench supply has a fixed 5V/5A output plus a dual 0-15V/1A variable output. Works for most of my needs.

A 120V supply is not anything I have ever needed.