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Hello, I am currently studying computer engineering and I am looking for a cheap oscilloscope to use for my personal projects. Is there anything good for less than 200 euro? I don't mind spending more but I would prefer a budget option, considering my (currently) limited skillset. Thanks for your help.


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What kinds of signals are you interested in observing? The safe choice is a very wide bandwidth scope but in view of your budget, perhaps you don't need DC to Daylight.


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If you really think you are interested in low frequency signal then take a look at the offerings of some of the current budget offerings.


I used an 5 MHz scope for years before feeling like I needed something with more bandwidth.
But Dick that was back the you were working with Amstrong and Tesla, and 5MHz was high end!

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Examine your options:

Used vs new
Analog vs digital
Low bandwidth (< 50MHz) vs 100MHz
Pocket or USB vs lab bench

Here are some low cost options to consider:

Hantek 6022BE 20MHz USB

Hantek 2C42 40MHz Scope, DMM
Hantek 2D42 40MHz Scope, DMM, waveform generator
Hantek 2C72 70MHz Scope, DMM
Hantek 2D72 70MHz Scope, DMM, waveform generator


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OP, be very careful regarding cheap DSO selection as many are not fit for purpose !
Input sensitivity is their single biggest shortcoming with some stating max sensitivity is just 50mV/div and even a magnitude better is still less than what is considered satisfactory sensitivity, namely 1mV/div is industry standard.

I hear naysayers ask why is such sensitivity required, well 2 main reasons, we mostly use a 10x probe with scopes which divides sensitivity by a factor of 10....so 1mV becomes 10mV/div and we do this as such probes offer higher input impedance so not to load down sensitive circuits and display an incorrect result/measurement.
The other serious failing from inadequate sensitivity is the inability to resolve ripple on a DC power rail, a common repair requirement that a scope with appropriate sensitivity is very good at and still some lesser experienced can say, you can take this measurement with a DMM in AC mode....well not always and certainly not ripple from a SMPS as its frequency is too high for most DMM's.
Over on EEVblog there's a thread appropriately named:

Please don't, they are just a POS.


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If you are looking for a cheap but decent oscilloscope and do not mind it being USB based (just like the Hantek suggested above), consider the Owon VDS1022 and VDS1022I (galvanically isolated). It has very honest specifications (100Msps, 25MHz bandwidth) and has very capable hardware that allows for performing triggers and acquisition on the pod itself, relegating the slow USB connection just for data transfers. The isolated version is a bit more expensive but brings a huge peace of mind knowing the laptop will not potentially blow up with a bad input.

Also, some folks were able to get the source code of the PC-based software and are able to maintain it separately from the manufacturer (a huge defining factor to convince me to buy one), improving features and usability.

The very long thread below contains a huge amount of information. I suggest looking from the end and backwards.

Good luck in your purchase!