Brushless Motor Controller Circuit Questions

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    Aug 8, 2014

    I have just finished soldering my brushless motor controller circuit and I have a few questions on how to use it. I found a schematic and I attached an image of it. I used six STP80NF70 N-channel mosfets, instead of the STP40NF20 mosfets used in the schematic. I have also added hall sensor inputs for the arduino. I did not use the 630uf capacitor, will that be a problem? I have 470uf capacitors and 1000uf capacitors but not 630uf. Would the 470uf capacitor be better than the 1000uf for this circuit? Also I tried testing the circuit using a 12v battery and a arduino uno, I was mainly seeing whether or not I could get a voltage reading with my multimeter from 2 of the motor phase wires but when I turned 'M1'(show in schematic) High and 'M4' High some sparks shot out but I quickly turned off the mosfet and did not damage it. So my question is, were there sparks because 'M4' is switching the negative wire on but the 5v high input of the gate came in contact with the negative? How else would I switch the negative wire on?

    I am aware that the brushless motors need a PWM phase current sequence in order to rotate, right now I'm just performing tests to make sure my circuit can make each Phase wire turn positive, turn negative, and neutral. I have successfully made each phase wire turn positive voltage on and off, I used the battery ground and the positive of the phase wire for my multimeter. But Switching phase wires to negative has been unsuccessful.

    Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

    48v 1000watt Dc hub motor with hall sensors attached
    48v 10ah lithium Ion Battery
    Arduino UNO
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