Brushless Dc Generator For A Wind Turbine

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I'm working on a project about making a portable wind turbine. It's meant to charge phones and batteries using a USB port (which gives out 5 volts of power). We're mechanical engineers, so we're not experts in electronics. We need some help.

We're starting with a brushless DC motor and going up to the USB output. Could you suggest what parts we'll need? We're also thinking of using a gearbox in our design. Do you know of any good companies in the UK that make affordable brushless DC motors and gearboxes?

Also, if you have any easy-to-understand resources that can help us learn more about what we need for this project, that would be really helpful. Thanks so much for any help you can give!


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When back-fed/driven, a BLDC motor generates 3ph AC, so for one, you will need a 3ph full wave rectifier device.
Also the generated voltage increases with RPM rate, so some kind of regulation will be needed.


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Obviously the size and efficiency of the turbine, together with wind speed, will inform the choice of motor and the charging power available.
I suggest reading up about buck-boost DC-DC converters and MPPT.

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Probably the low output current from a low voltage DC motor used as a generator will take days to charge a phone.

Horizon Hobby sells a model airplane that uses brushless motors that are operated from a speed controller powered by a 3.2V to 4.2V Lithium battery. The motor is listed in the online manual for the "UMX Twin Otter".
All their other low voltage brushless motors operate from 6.4V minimum so as a generator their output power at your low voltage will be very low.