Break before make DG413

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Hello everyone. Please help me to decide on my next step.
I'm working on a project where I connect together two terminals of two analog switches controlled by same input but with inverse logic so I have some sort of a 2 to 1 AMUX. The voltages that change are two TL413 regulators: one generates 5V and the second -5V. I work at a maximum frequency of 20kHz. Break before make in datasheet of DG413 is 25nS.
Should I worry anyway about possible short circuit between 5V and -5V?
I don't want spikes or big currents entering my DG413 because I'm afraid of possibly damaging it with higher currents than it can accept.
I would place two resistors like in the schematic to ensure low current in this istants but I can't place them there just "because I want to stay safe" as it's a university work so I need to prove their necessary. I can't try it yet practically but my simulator gives me some spikes for those moments when it works if I leave it without resistors, even though the model doesn't look that reliable and it takes a lot easier for it to simulate when resistor are placed.

Anyway you can understand me better if you look to the files that I attached.

Should I leave it without resistors or it'd be better to keep them?