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Hey all, Sorry for the Nubee post but this looks like the place to get help.. I want to have a break beam trigger a 10-20 minute timer that will power some security floodlights around the house on it's own circuit... Been having security issues & have a long driveway I'd like to illuminate for trespassers. Curiously for the life of me I can't find anyone making anything like this, so I guess I'll have to build it... ( I did find some timed sump pump switches but times are too short as well as some halloween trigger timers - but those don't look robust enough to handle some bright light wattage.... I intend to use: which will provide a break beam Circuit close. But then I guess i need something like : Sestos Digital Quartic Timer Relay Switch 100-240V Omron Relay Ce Ac100-240V B3S .. Now my question is with the timer relay. Will a circuit close trigger this thing, or does it need an input voltage so there would need to be power on the close - so I'd need a power source for this... And secondly will the timer relay handle a 110vac floodlight circuit , or do i need an additional 110vac relay that this thing will trip.... I'm just not that familiar with the specs to be able to figure it out on my own...

Any help would be much appreciated...
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Here's the spec for the Sestos unit :-
And here are the connections :-
From my reading of that, a switch-close to ground (no voltage, so perhaps an open-collector NPN) will trigger it and the output relay is rated 250V 3A AC. Providing your floodlights draw less than 3A you would not need an additional relay.