Breadboard to PCB Question: Circuit Line Errors?

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Hello All,

New to the Forums here. To summarize my knowledge: I went to college for Programming, and work in a NOC. I'm starting to get back into circuits and breadboards, but I only had basic circuit and circuit component knowledge beforehand. The concept I get from both a programming standpoint, but my weakspot now lies in the fact that I'm still dealing with a learning curve (as is natural lol).

Question: I extended a Photosensor design to add leds that detect if the light in the room is either (bright, dim, or dark). I know how to solder, and I want to order a pcb of the design. My question is if the 'Circuit Lines' are connected properly. I'm slightly sure they are, but I have doubts about if they're correct for the Ground & 3.3V Power Pins. I want to make sure those are connected properly on the pcb.

Note: I'm at work at the moment. So I can't grab the schematic view of the circuit (it's at home), but I will post it as more info definitely helps in understanding and diagnosing the issue. I also can't fix the breadboard error of the 'yellow wire' needing to be on GPIO Pin #11 (my mistake lol).

Including my code for the design as well.