Bose CineMate DB9 connector pinout?

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A friend found a Bose subwoofer at a garage sale. No cables, just a black box (literally). Anyone have experience with these, or know where to find the pinout?

It has DB9 connectors on the back and those seem like those are signal in and out to the other speakers. I have plenty of old DB9 cables I can hack but I can't find anything about the pinout of those connectors. I assume the signals are all analog?

I'm guessing at least one conductor switches the subwoofer on, since there is no switch on it. Then there should be signal common and at least two conductors for stereo. Not sure what else.

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 10.15.18 AM.png

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I took the back off the subwoofer and pulled the PCB with the connectors on it. The one on the left in the picture is the input. So far this isn't telling me much. See anything that helps?



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Sorry but I can't help much but I wonder if it is a variation on this:Bose_15 pin.jpg

p.s. I really like those spark arresters. I have never seen that before.
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Oh those "teeth"! I wondered about those. Without a closeup, I thought they bridged across to ground but they do not.


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I don't think that model had surround outputs. Just a left and right.

For audio input like from a stereo jack. Connect tip, ring and sleeve to pins 2,3 and 5.

You will not be able to use a remote to turn on and off, mute, or adjust volume without the input adapter module.
Also know that bose uses a special audio "envelope" type power output and the speakers have a unique coil and suspension. Regular speakers used in the left and right channel will sound less than ideal and if not robust enough may even burn out.


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Yeah, that's the conclusion I've come to after wasting some time on this thing. The "interface modules" sell for ~$90 on e-bay while the subwoofer (and amp) like my friend grabbed sell for half that. I think I'll advise my friend to sell the speaker on e-bay as-is for $20 and be done with it. It'd be worth more if I could determine that it works, but I don't know how to do that.


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I saw your message and I dont found any schematic about the Acoustimass CineMat GS serie 2 Bose.
I get off the power supply easy, but I dont know for the other C.I. where I thing the problem is.

The problem : about after one hour, with no music, only the power line on, I have some pinch strong noise, so I thing it's the power supply or the other CI inside, but I need to test outside.

Does any body have ideas?



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