Bootstrap Capacitor Design check IR2110

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Raneem Rady

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Hi, I am trying to build a half wave inverter and drive 2 IRF530 MOSFETS using IR2110. I looked at the application note (an-978) for the ic and found the formula for the capacitor design but I am not sure if I am substituting with the correct values. So here are the values I am using:

Icbs (I didn't know how to get this value so I neglected it , I am using ceramic capacitors)
Vmin=10v (I am also not sure about this value)

My Vcc is 15v , Vf is 0.7v , Vls =20/150*0.16=0.02v (inverter supply=20v and the load is 150 ohms)

So by substituting in the above formula I get C>36nF. Is this value correct?