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As I seek to refresh my skills and relearn stuff, I was looking for decent books, books that don't assume zero knowledge but also books that don't gloss over important technicalities.

The only decent book I've had around the past few years (and even with that I've done close to no development work or construction) is The Art of Electronics, I like the book (some people don't) and although it's comprehensive and pretty technical it likely isn't the best book for me.

So I ordered these two books who's table of contents seemed pretty comprehensive:

Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits

Practical Electronics for Inventors

Any thoughts or opinions on these? any suggestion for other books?



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Should we have a sticky on books because this seems to be a very popular subject that repeats over and over? It would be nice to have a library or resource where one could go and find these gems


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@bertus and @MrChips . It is great that there is a thread in the Notable threads sticky, but I do think this one should have its own sticky. It has been brought up so many times over the years that it would be nice to have one on its own and unlocked so that people can add new books to the collection.