Books on Repairing Solid State Guitar Amplifiers


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I don't know of any such books, but guitar amplifiers would use the same principals as general purpose amplifiers. So learning how general purpose amplifiers work would help you with repairing amplifiers for the audio range.

If you understand how the circuits work, it's just a matter of being methodical and isolating any defective components.

When it comes to guitar amplifiers, some circuits introduce distortion intentionally. We don't usually do that in general purpose amplifiers. We try to maintain high fidelity.


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Repairing a guitar amplifier does not need to be complex, EXCEPT that disassembly can be a challenge. The very first step is to learn just what the complaint is, otherwise it is all random checking of parts.
Some guitar amplifier problems are mechanical, such as broken speaker wires and blown speakers, and damaged jacks and controls. Another problem can be failed solder connections , usually on a circuit board.
But if the problem is none of those, then electrical diagnostics must be done. For that part it is very handy to have a circuit schematic diagram and be able to understand it.
I am not aware of any books on repairing guitar amplifiers, I have presented a summary of the non-electronic problems that I have come across. Actual electronic repairs will usually require either standard signal tracing or signal injection as ways to locate the problem. And a note of caution is that if you find a part that has overheated and failed, it is usually the victim of a different part that failed first. So at that pont youneed to study the circuit to see what parts would cause the burned part to have excess voltage and current.
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Thee are a few websites dedicated to guitar amplifiers, and while I have not seen sny books lidted, I did not look for them either..And they probably have folks willing to answer questions.