Bluetooth speaker conversion-Linked to Vintage Stereo Componets

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    Sep 25, 2016
    I have a Denon stereo system with a NuMark record player.
    I love my old speakers and have figured out how to make them wireless (thanks American Hacker).
    However for the purpose of this conversation I am not interested in using my iphone/pod to connect to the speakers directly. I am trying to link my stereo system and record player to the wireless speakers and I have come across a couple of problems. I want to be able to take some old speakers outside, plug them into the outdoor and transmit my records from the Denon Stereo system and rock out to my neighbors displeasure.
    What I have...
    1.) Miccus receiver/transmitter connected to the Dennon system. This works beautifully if I use my sons wireless speaker...I want to use my old stereo speakers.
    2.) Vintage wired speakers with custom bluetooth wiring harness. I've copied the American Hackers plan to make the speaker wireless. This works great if I'm using an Ipod but not with the Denon stereo system.
    3.) The custom wiring I've created needs a volume control for each speaker (I haven't done this yet but I'm in the process)
    4.) In order to sync my newly converted speakers I need to be close to the Miccus in order make connection.
    Currently I'm using male USB to an old iphone wall charger to power the speaker. If I do this I'm limited to using the bluetooth speakers near the Miccus. If I unplug the USB, then I loose connection, so it seems that I'm going to be forced to use a power bank of some source.
    I want to know if there is there anyway around this?

    I know all of this would not be a problem if I'd just buy a wireless speaker.
    Is there a way to bring good old speakers and stereo components into the 21st century or should I just change my expectations of what I want to achieve.
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    Buy some bluetooth wireless speakers and transfer the electronics (excluding loudspeakers) into your old speaker enclosures.
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