Bluetooth Player Micro USB connector on printed circuit board soldering help

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Hi All

My daughter brought her portable Bluetooth player to me today having told me that when she plugged in the USB connection for power and recharging the battery, it had 'come loose'!! Hmm, typical daughters eh!

So, I took the thing apart and I would like your expert opinion as to replacing the USB connector or rigging up something else.

Having looked at the PCB, and the micro USB connector, I am not entirely 100% sure exactly where the Gnd and +ve pins are. I think I know, but before I solder anything I would very much appreciate your input please.

Here's some photos I took of the broken micro USB connector, and the top and bottom view of the PCB.

In the top view, am I right in thinking:

1: +5V
2: Unused on micro USB connections, but looks as though it has a path on the PCB (curved line just at end of arrowhead)
3: Gnd

Many thanks all!