bluetooth mike direct to headphones?

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Hi folks...I'm a complete novice as far as electronics. But I'm just wondering if someone has the time to enlighten me.
I have hearing issues that I'd like to tackle with a small portable microphone, which can stream audio directly to a set of headphones or wireless earbuds. I currently use a small amplifier device that has a small in-ear speaker, like an earbud, but it's wired, so the wires are a big handicap.
My wife and I do a lot of traveling in our motorhome, and I thought perhaps a small portable bluetooth mic might be capable of transmitting audio directly to a pair of bluetooth headphones, which would block out much of the road noise for me.
Am I barking up the wrong tree?
Regards...xtrider...Yamaha that is.
This is what I'm currently using...hearing aids just don't do it for me...I have spent thousands and they just don't give me the volume I need...This thing is brilliant (apart from the wires)
Amazon $114,,,Riezen Loudear.jpg