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I'm on the hunt for a tool to create interactive block diagrams.
In my mind i see a software where i can create block diagrams to view different levels of a system... I don't know how to express my thoughts but I'll try!

Imagine you present an idea to a bunch of different people, based on their knowledge of what you present the different people want different information. So lets say i want to present my idea for a arduino based robot control and steering system, if my mom asks how it works i show her a very simple block diagram like:
And if i show it to my friends who have basic knowledge of electronics i want a more detailed diagram.
And here comes the point of this thread: I would like to be able to click on "USER INPUT" in my simple diagram and "zoom in" if you like, to a diagram of how the user input is "collected".
And you could add how many levels you want, not just block diagrams but eventually you get a electronic schematic.

Do anyone know of a similar software, or is anybody interested in just making one?
I would do it my self if i had the time to learn software programming! Haha

Or is it just me who see the purpose of such a software?

Thank you! / Johan


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Been years since I used it but Microsoft Visio would do what you want. However Visio can be costly. Using Google I found some free open source software alternatives. Several can be found here. I can't attest to any of them but they look promising. I also see offers of Microsoft Visio Free but can't say what those are all about. Anyway I see this stuff as what you want.



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You could do something similar in Excel using collapsible sections but it wouldn't be as cool as what you're describing.

If I had to do this, I'd do it in a web-content-creation app and use a browser as the viewer.


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OpenOffice Draw or the LibreOffice equivalent will work and they're free. They're not as good as Visio, but I wouldn't pay for Visio.


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It turns out that Microsoft Word has flow charting shapes; I tried Office 2007 and 2010.

It's not nearly as productive as Visio and the lack of a tear-off menu makes adding shapes tedious. But there seems to be sufficient snapping options to make a decent looking flow chart or block diagram.