Bipolar stepper motor 2-wire vs 4-wire control with H-Bridge? Arduino UNO R3

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I want to control a Bi-Polar stepper motor using an H-Bridge and an Arduino UNO Rev3 as the controller. I have two questions:

1. I would like to know if there is any advantage to using 4-wire control over 2-wire control with the Arduino Uno Rev3?

Here is the tutorial I'm following:

They mention using an L293D H-Bridge, but I will be using an SN754410 H-Bridge since I read that it is a pin-to-pin replacement for the L293D and I need to drive about 700mA of current.

I'm assuming it will work as a pin-to-pin replacement with the 4-wire control setup.
2. Is the SN754410 also a pin-to-pin replacement with the 2-wire control setup?