Bidirectional DC-DC Converter

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    Nov 21, 2013
    Hello sir,

    I want to ask about the operation of this bidirectional DC-DC Converter that i found in the internet ( ).


    First in buck mode, the current goes through like this (Switch 1 ON ; Switch 2 OFF) :

    And then, when Switch 1 OFF and Switch 2 OFF, the current goes through like this :

    What i want to ask sir is that does the current flow to Diode D2 EVEN the Switch 2 is in OFF state like i did in my picture above ?

    Because i was wondering at the Boost Mode, i was confused because of in the boost mode, when the Switch 2 is in ON state, the current also goes through the diode 1 even if S1 is in OFF state :

    Am i right sir ?

    And then i want to ask about the calculation for getting L1 and C1. I'm looking everywhere but couldn't find it T__T

    Oh yeah, if there any conventional Bi-directional buck-boost converter circuit, please mention in the comment below, it really helps me to get the information about the converter.

    Thank you before.
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    MOSFETs have intrinsic body diodes (which you have to allow for), as represented by D1 and D2. Current will flow in these even when the MOSFETs are switched off.
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    Nov 21, 2013
    Thank you sir for your information, even there's slightly different with the circuit, i think the calculation can be used.

    Yeah, so basically, the circuit is not right ?
    Thank you btw for your reply.