BEWARE of NVVV Power Supplies (AliExpress and Amazon)

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Back in June I received an 800watt / 65V Power Supply from NVVV AliExpress store.

Recently I noticed the cooling fan comes on all the time and it heats up internally very quickly, so curious, I opened it up.

What I found was a mess and a product that had been salvaged and I think may even be dangerous to use. See images below.
BRAND NEW UNIT - Paid full price.
Of course, It's out of warranty now so they got away with it clean. Never again.





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That is absolutely the worst bodge job I've ever seen, genuinely surprised it works at all. Personally I would at least do the repair again but properly, or cut my losses and get a new PSU from a more reputable source.


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The ones I bought from eBay have given no problems. Unfortunately, I could not find the order to tell who the actual vendor was but it was a US vendor.