Best ways to record data on interference pattern using Tektronix DPO 5204B oscilloscope?

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I am looking at an interference pattern signal using a Tektronix DPO 5204B oscilloscope which has windows 7 and TekScope software. This interference pattern grows and shrinks with time (approximately 10-20 seconds for the full cycle). It is my intention to measure the maximum pk-pk voltage and the minimum pk-pk voltage of this cycle without using cursors. The goal is automation of the data acquisition process so that I could perhaps press the SINGLE button and collect data over a small timeframe that contains this interference variation cycle.

Does anybody know a good method(s) to obtain a measurement like this using a similar oscilloscope? The manual has not been entirely useful for me. Thanks.


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Not being overly familiar with the Tek DPO5000 Series (I think we still have a DPO5k sitting somewhere in a cupboard and collecting dust as no-one wants to use it voluntarily) but in general you should be able to use measurements with statistics to get what you want.

If I remember right you go to Measurements -> Measurement Setup, in the new window on the left side select Amplitude and Pk-Pk and on the right side your channel. This should give you automatic measurements.

Then go to Measurements -> Statistics -> All. This will give you the minimum and maximum value.

You can now do a single acquisition and read the Vpp average, minimum and maximum values.