Best Way to Video Stream From to Server for Robot

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Hello everyone!

I am looking for the best approach to set up camera streaming to my webserver. I am making a basic robot and camera set up that is connected to the internet. The basics of it is that the webserver talks to the robot which allows for control of camera position/orientation. The data required to control the robot is far less than the data rate to stream 4k or 1080p video. Currently the robot is controlled by one wemos D1 connected to a can bus which controls the robot components. The wemos is connected to the internet and my web server subsequently. What do you think the best way to send video data back to server is?
The following are approaches I thought I can use, but would like to consult some of you experts first:
1. Connect the camera to another wemos and connect it to the web server.
2. Connect the camera to the wemos that is controlling the robot too. Mangage all communication to/from the server via one wemos.

I have not even finished building the robot/can bus setup (so i dont know how smoothly that will go also) so I open to other possible options. In terms of the data rate of the wemos, I am okay to slow the frames down to 5 to 10 fps to allow for a data rate that the wemos/esp8266 can handle. In general I am trying to reduce cost and complexity as much as possible. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for how to about this. Thanks in advance!