Best online electronic components wholesaler / retailer

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I've used in the past. The people on the phone when I placed the order were way better at finding the part in their catalog, than I ever hope to be. The first time I placed an order online, it took me all evening for a dozen different parts to build a variable speed box for a salt spreader. I forget what I did the next time, but we were only on the phone for about 5 minutes. In both cases, my order was filled correctly, shipped fast, and arrived before they promised it. So I give them high marks.

What companies have you used, what experiences did you have, and why do you think that they are/are not so great to do business with? All reasons are valid: service, variety, accuracy, politeness, general attitude, shipping speed, ease of ordering, you name it, I'm interested.

I'll probably do less than a dozen more electronics projects in this lifetime, but when I do, I'm all about shopping with the best!



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Mouser is my first choice usually. Digikey is good also and I like the mouse-over capabilities of the search results that show a picture of the part. Allied and Newark are also good. Grainger has great service for power parts like relays, etc. but can be expensive. Many manufacturers also have online sales for their products that a distributor may not have.

I personally don't buy from non-franchised sources like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc due to the problem with counterfeit stuff. The bitterness of poor quality lasts far longer than the sweetness of a low price.


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14,318 will price match. I used for my last order.

Anchor Electronics (Santa Clara, CA) is another; though I've only bought at their store.