Believe it or not there are actually a decent set of PSAs running right now

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I usually dread PSAs they are boring repetitive and usually lack any imagination. There is a whole series of PSAs dealing with picking the right car seat for your child running right now that are dreadful. With a particular one with the kids screaming in the back seat of the car for juice.

But actually has some really wonderful ads right now.

Here is a really cute one with Roman Reigns that I don't know fro Adam but I understand is a really great guy and wonderful father. To think of that huge guy tipping over like a teapot is just hilarious and the giggles from his daughter are just magic.

Here is another favorite. Got to love those giggles from the kids.

They also have one about dad jokes that is really cute. There are a few around but can't seem to find the specific one. What was great about that commercial is they just seemed to give the kids a mic and let them do what they do best. Be a kid.

This one is close but the one playing right now is better.