Battery maintenance questions

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Hi, I’m looking for some advice, I recently bought a Compass Rallye 482 2005. Included was all sorts of things including mover etc etc. . With it having a mover and having the knowledge that the van had been stored inside for almost 3 years, I chose to buy a new battery from Halfords 115ah leisure. Since installing the battery it seems to be getting weaker all 0f the time and the multi meter put it at under 12v. I plugged the van onto mains and it has been on mains now for 3 days, the battery has got to 12.4v but that’s it and when I went to move the van the mover was stop start which highlighted the battery issue. If I use multimeter on the charger outlet cables right at the charger is is putting out 13.6v which I think are correct but at the battery terminals it is only 12.4v when power is on 240. I have now taken the battery off to charge in the house on my portable charger but am unsure what the real issue is. Could it be a dodgy new battery? Should the terminals have 13.6v at them so cables are faulty? Is the charger at fault even though giving out correct voltage and also showing 13.6 on the meter in van when master on and battery out of the van. Sorry it’s a bit lengthy but it’s getting stressful now and we are away this weekend which is why I am charging the battery in house (if it will)

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The battery should have been above 13V when it was new. They might have had it is stock a long time without keeping it charged.
What is the current rating of your charger?
Do you have a split-charge relay on your towing vehicle?