Battery Backup in Electronics Project

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I'm working on a project that I'm wanting to incorporate a battery into but I'm struggling with how to go about having a charge controller that is not just connected to a battery, but a circuit that will be pulling variable amounts of power as well.

Here are some specs I have in my head:

- Incoming Power: 52V/1.5A Power Over Ethernet

- NiMH Battery (for wide operating temperature, will be used outdoors): 10S (10V discharged, 15V fully charged) 2500mAH. Or some other arrangement that nets 30wh or more.

- Power consumption of device would be 2W throughout the daytime, and 22W at night with a very occasional 35W draw for 2-5minutes possible.

- Will be using (undecided type) DC-DC circuit to get the following voltages needed for components of the project:

* Whatever voltage needed for charge controller

* 5V (max 1A)

* 36V (max 1A)

I’m not sure at this point (after a few days of research) how to go about this (as far as incorporating the battery and a charge controller/maintainer). Any help would be greatly appreciated.