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Help please. Would like a new simple programming kit for basic 18 pin chips. For 10 years I have successfully programmed my 16f627A pic chips for various, very simple coding on approximately 200 lines of code. The kit, a genuine microchip pickit2, was set up initially by a friend who has recently passed away. Old pc failure required new Windows 10 computer which will not operate older kit2 and I find my spare pickit3 (never used) seems impossible for me to set up and work.
Please, is there any modern programming kit for my 18 pin chips, I have far too many bespoke boards already made to change these chips
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Ian Rogers

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You can still use pickit 2 on win 10... I do.. What interface did you use? Was it the old MPLAB IDE 8?

You can still download this and use it on windows 10...