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Hi everyone, Im new to circuits as of a month ago and im really struggling with this problem, i understand the process of how to answer steps A and B but just the fundamental stuff (mainly solving for Vc(t) before and after i switch) is what is really holding me back. To my understanding the tools i have to find the voltage is voltage division, ohms law and kvl loops. I know that the voltage source at t=0- is not parallel with Vc(t) so kvl wont be of much use and I'm pretty sure resistors need to be in series to deal with Voltage division so im lost. If someone could help push me in the right direction or give some information on how to solve for vc(t) I would greatly appreciate it!upload_2016-4-8_11-50-0.png upload_2016-4-8_11-50-0.png upload_2016-4-8_11-50-0.png


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Are the three images you attached supposed to be different? If so, I'm not seeing the difference.

What do you know about the voltage across, and the current through, a capacitor as some instantaneous change is made to the circuit (like a switch switching)?

It's hard to make a suggestion as to how to proceed because we don't know what techniques you have in your tool box at this point.

How have you been taught to deal with first order systems (e.g., circuits that include a single inductor or a single capacitor)?