Basic BJT circuit analysis

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Hi I am doing basic BJT circuit analysis and my lecturer has uploaded some example problems for us to do. We can give an answer and it will get marked automatically. But we are only given a mark for each question, not a correct answer.

I have been over my answers a few times and I am struggling to see what is wrong. Attached is the quiz and the method I followed at each question (except for the first two questions). If someone could help point out what I do wrong I would appreciate it very much. Next to each question is the mark I got for that specific question.



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How do you approach a transistor problem like these, do you use a current controlled current source to replace the transistor or some other idea?


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What's your rationale for each of your answers in the first problem?

In the third problem, how do you get a base voltage of 1.7 V? Does this make sense? In a PNP transistor, is the base at a higher or a lower voltage to forward bias the base-emitter junction?