balanced line speaker vs unbalanced speaker

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I started college majoring in Electrical Engineering, and ended with a BA in Psychology. Here is what I learned:

  1. EE provided definitive factual answers. Psych explained human behavior.
  2. EE says no significant difference between standard copper wire and oxygen-free, etc. Psych says "it sounds as good as I believe it does."
  3. Psych also says, "OK, let's just see. Close your eyes and listen as we play sounds and switch back and forth between the two cables (or whatever). Which sounds better, A or B?" Repeat a few times and see. Can they tell? This may be the only way to convince a person that there is or is not a difference.
  4. Some comparisons, like tube vs. solid-state amps, may sound different. But better? That's in the ear of the beholder.
I also got a BA in psych and I learned that the only job you get with it is taking out the garbage and making coffee wherever you may work. Interesting though. Then I went back and got a AA in EE Tech. That too was interesting. It allowed me to BS my way into a maintenance job at a local factory where they let you do very little other than mechanical work. On the diff between tube amps and solid state I asked a popular Youtube guitarist (James James or Privettricker) and it was his opinion that the state of the art nowdays leaves little discernible difference between the two.


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Wow, this thread has opened new business/marketing ideas for me:

"Creationist Cables"

"Intelligent Design Plugs"

I think there's a real profit to be made...

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