Back up battery inverter charger combination installation into the D.B of a home- Earthing

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Dead Crow

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Im an electrician and have been asked to install a 1000w battery backup system into a home here in South Africa. My experience with inverters is limited as electricity supply was not an issue in our country till recent years.
My main question is about earthing. Some say the output neutral should be connected to the input neutral.
Somesay the output neutral should be connected to earth but i worry this can cause feedback into the providers lines when the power goes out and the inverter kicks in.
I want to do the job the right way so if any of you intelligent guys can give me a few pointers it would be much appreciated. I know this is not really electronics but its still electricity? :) If you prefer i post this on an electrical site please advise if you know of one.
Thanks guys

Randy 7140

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The output neutral of the inverter? Can you post the model# of the inverter you are using? I imagine you are using wind or solar power to charge the batteries? Or just AC power when AC is available? You're using DC power off of the batteries to power the inverter so the AC output should not have to be connected to anything other then what device/devices you are powering.


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Communication difficulties.

Earthing = Bond? "Case ground? Planetary ground? Sure. Connect it to the planet. You can't feed back into the power grid with an Earth connection. The only way that happens is with a power lead. It seems you are connecting to the mains in the house or you wouldn't have this question. Your automatic cross-over switch should disconnect the grid from the mains when it connects the local inverter and render this safe.

If this sounds absurd, please elaborate on your question.


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Hey, Dead Crow i read your post and i know earthing of electricity is not easier. I suggest to please take suggestion from expert for that.