Automatic Gate opener with4 Channel RF Remote control and Limit Switches

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Ashok Vannarath

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Hi All,,
I am trying to design an automatic swing gate opener DIY kit. Need help in designing the circuit with below requirement.
1) Open on remote controller button press switch 1
2) stop at the limit switch.
3) stop if any obstruction
4) stay open until close switch 2 on remote is pressed
5) close gate on press of switch 2 on remote
6) stop at the limit switch
7) stop if any obstruction
8) Stay closed until open button is pressed.
Please can any one help me.
Ashok Vannarath


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First you need to learn electronics and how circuits work, after that you dont even need help. This is simple and basic project.
Number 3 and 7 is the most difficult one in this project and you can skip it now, and add it later when you make everything else work first.
You need: motor, motor controller, 2 limit switches, 2 button remote transmitter and receiver. Your motor controller should have inputs for limit switches. Search parts you need online.
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I've heard that people commonly convert garage door openers into gate openers. Stopping a swing gate in the event of an obstruction would be different, though; maybe you use a spring between the gate and the actuator.


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The obstruction part makes things a little more difficult. On a garage door system some monitor current. A sudden increase in current above a preset threshold will cause the motor to stop and reverse direction. Next if you just want a brief push button press you want a latching circuit with a limit switch type design. A brief button push opens the gate and a brief button push closes the gate. There is no need to hold a button down till the gate is fully opened or closed. That is the basics. Less knowing things like motor load current and voltage this is as good as it can get.



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Since such systems are commonly available, why do you want to design you own?
What is your level of electronics knowledge?