Auto fume removal fan controller in conjuction with soldering Iron

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  1. chan.y

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    Feb 4, 2017
    In conjunction with soldering iron, I made auto on/off fume removal fan controller. fan works automatically when you push the iron tact switch and delayed off when released.

    I usually work with universal pcb board and it take long time doing wiring and soldering so I should freqently on/off iron and fume removal fan. it bothers me. so I made this.

    ㅇ For 8w small soldering iron.
    - You will see that once the circuit diagram, i wired two ordinary diodes in series between the regulator (+) and iron.
    Theres no voltage drop when no current flow but when press the iron switch current flow through Diode and can get 0.8v voltage drop. with DC-DC booster you can get 5v output and can controle fume removal fan.
    ㅇ for 70 w iron
    - There's three wires in the cable (+),(-) and (movement sensor)
    I used (movement sensor) wire for On/off iron and also controlling fan.

    ㅇ fan circuit delay
    - You need some delay after iron off because iron still hot and emit fume for some time.

    I used 555timer delay circuit. and used SPDT analog switch for each iron's different delay time controle with two variable resistors.
    1설계.jpg 2.콘트롤러.jpg 3.인두콘.jpg 4.연결.jpg 5.인두기.jpg 6완성.jpg

    And circuit diagram.

    And test video (visit my blog)
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    Mar 30, 2015
    If the fumes bother you, you should also consider adding a filter so you aren't simply circulating particles.

    I've been soldering for 40 years and just hold my breath while fumes are being generated and keep my face out of their path.
  3. chan.y

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    Feb 4, 2017
    Yes I already have ventilator and extract fumes to outside of my room. My circuit automatically on/off when soldering iron switch pressed/released.