Audio Processor swap

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I have an 8277l android head unit that has two revisions, one supports the BD37033 the other, TDA7719. both revisions of the board are almost identical apart from some of the traces to the chip and support components. I, unfortunately, bought a BD37033 instead of the TDA7719 but i do have some breakout boards for the chip. looking through the datasheet for each IC, 90% of the pins have a match on the other chip and I plan to use the breakout board to wire in the new ic and update 3the support components.

Ive uploaded a picture I put together matching the pins up and have put a red dot on the pins I'm unsure about. I'll also include the datasheets if anyone wants to help me out.

also, i have the firmware the will run this revision and it does successfully flash to the device.

BD37033 -
TDA7719 -