Attaching a magnet to USB-C thunderbolt dongle

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I have a computer with only USB-C ports, so I need a dongle. However, I would like it to stick to a thing I have magnetically so I don't have to carry it separately. I have two 1/8" thick, 1 inch diameter neodymium magnets I could tape to them. Would it possibly interfere with anything? I don't really know how sensitive the components might be to strong unchanging magnetic fields. Also, the dongle has ethernet, HDMI, 3 normal USBs, some SD card slots, and 90W pass-through USB-C charging.


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Will the magnets be for transport only.....or will they be there in use?

Can you stream HDMI or transfer a large file thru dongle.....and bring magnet close to dongle and see if it interferes?

I am going to guess it is a no go. But I would also try. You want to watch some type of transfer window.

Do you know what I mean? I would not tape magnets on....and then try it. Watch the transfer while bringing the magnet close. Those are relative strong fields.

My suggestion is not from experience. But it's very curious as to what you'll find.


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What is wrong with velcro?

Sill not entirely sure what this users wants to do but that is not unusual with this user.

Is it? "I have an external USB hub and would like to physically attach it to my PC and also be able to easily remove it".