need for isolation when attaching mcu to industrial machine's motor encoder?

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I want to use a small stm32 or esp32 development board to monitor a motor encoder on an industrial machine (3 phase 415v electric). Do I need to do any kind of isolation for safety?

The machine runs on 3 phase 415v. The machine has 240v outlets that we use for an SBC and computer screen (they are also used for vacuum cleaners). I want to add the MCU to monitor motor speeds, buffer the readings and send to the SBC. I would either be powering the MCU from the SBC itself (sharing the power supply of the SBC) or I might power the MCU from the motor encoder's supply, assuming it might be 5v. There would always be data & ground between the MCU and SBC though of course (probably UART or SPI).

Is it important to do any kind of ground or signal isolation between these devices?


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For pure electrical safety, no (but I would always check with a meter for proper connections or mis-wires first and abide by any plant requirements) if the MCU and SBC has a normal power supply with galvanic isolation from the utility lines. Signal isolation of the encoder signals is usually a good idea for signal integrity and RFI/EMI reasons because of wiring near the motor.

What type of encoder and what signal type do you want to monitor?