ASU Online program in EE reputable/worth it? Looking for advice

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In May of 2020 I graduated with a B.S. degree in mathematics and got a job right away in finance. I was considering going the Actuarial pathway for a long time but have never felt a strong passion for it or the required exams. I do not want to stop working full time at my current job in finance but have discovered a real passion for DIY circuits projects, learning physics after work, and programming scripts. I recently applied to Arizona State University online for their undergraduate Electrical Engineering because I can continue to save money while taking classes and continuing my education. Does anyone on here have advice for if I would have a difficult time securing a job with an online degree even if it is accredited? Has anyone been through or know someone that has been through this program or a similar one? I deeply enjoy math, solving problems, and I want to work on things where I feel like I am making a difference in the world not just doing it for the money. Also I realize at some point I would need to get an internship or two before graduating and am prepared to save up money / move back in with parents for a time to make that happen. I would really appreciate honest answers even if they are harsh. Thank you!


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If you have a BS degree, why aren't you trying to get in to an MSEE program? My second boss out of school had a BS in physics and MSEE. He was one the best circuit designers I ever worked with.

Things have changed with respect to degrees from online schools. When I was working, I wouldn't give online degrees any consideration. But, I never saw any because the company I worked with had a preferred list of schools to recruit from and we always had enough candidates from them. Arizona State University was on that list, but, the last I heard, that school had fallen out of favor at the company I worked at.


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If you have a BS degree, why aren't you trying to get in to an MSEE program?
I strongly agree with this comment. Forget the BS - literally. Go for an MS.

Many MSEE programs have embedded classes that you can take remote. Look at GeorgiaTech, University of Colorado, Michigan, to name a few. If you enjoy your mathematics, then you can certainly work in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Robotics and combine both electronics and mathematics in your career. All these industries are heavily dependent of linear algebra and numerical methods. Your mathematics background is highly sought after in these applications and if you add an MSEE onto that you're what recruiters call a 'purple unicorn'. There is a LOT of opportunity and money for the best individuals.

You might be able to get a job in one of these fields today with just with your BS in Mathematics. You can then work on your MS at night.

Good luck!