ARM + uboot + linux kernel debugging using debuggers (JTAG)

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Hello Friends,

I want to debug linux kernel and uboot for ARM, I learnt that we can use JTAG for this and Beaglebone would be a better fit for it. But am a bit confused about which board to use (Raspberry pi,beagle bone black...etc) and came to know that those boards don't come with JTAG headers, and that we need to solder a JTAG connector. It could be very helpful if someone can give some insight about this, Also came to know there is lauterbach and trace32 tools for debugging, ARM DS-5 ..

So In short, I need to debug ARM + uboot + linux kernel using debuggers..As am relatively new to this, need some advice regarding which hardware/software combination would suit my requirement.

Thanks a lot.