Are you using MCE 8051 IDE?

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  1. Ashton

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    Jun 10, 2013
    Could anyone using MCE 8051 IDE please help me with a really easy question??

    Why would compiling my simple C code projects result in a "Unable to find "LEDMatrix1.cdb" message?

    I have never been able to compile a project in this IDE, no Hex file generated.

    The complete compile report is:
    Starting compiler ...
    cd "C:\Program Files\MCU 8051 IDE\demo\LedMatrix1"
    sdcc -mmcs51 --iram-size 256 --xram-size 0 --code-size 8192 --nooverlay --noinduction --verbose --debug -V --std-sdcc89 --model-small -I "C:program FilesSDCCinclude" "LEDMatrix1.c"
    FilesSDCCinclude""=="" was unexpected at this time.

    Unable to find "LEDMatrix1.cdb"
    +-- Most probably that indicates that you have disabled debugging switch, if it is not that what you want then go to
    [Main Menu] --> [Configure] --> [Compiler configuration] --> [C language] --> [General] and enable "--debug" compiler switch.

    Compilation successful

    Any advice appreciated
  2. Druzyek

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    May 19, 2013
    I had the same problem. Did you enter "C:\Program Files\SDCC\include" in Compiler Configuration? Try this instead and it should work: "C:\Progra~1\SDCC\include"