Arduino / Ultrasonic Bird repellent system

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This is a given topic to me, that I should build. I still have no idea on how to create this design. A piezo ultrasonic transducer I think can repel birds with a PIR motion sensor and a arduino. I really appreciate for the help.


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Unfortunately I can't read the cited papers and I don't think the premise, that ultrasonics will repel birds, is correct. I can't find any sources that back that up.

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I agree with Yaakov. According to the RSPB, "Most birds hearing range is between 1-5 KHz and can show a high hearing frequency limit of 10 KHz. This is similar to that of humans, so a blue tit can probably hear the same noises as we can." In other words the birds won't hear ultrasonics.
Raise this with your tutor and you might get given a project with a better chance of success.